Jan 18th Update

Hello everyone,

Well there are many people waiting for this update so I will get to the point.  I have downgraded the conditions to GOOD a few days ago because I was suspicious of how much damage Sunday and Monday’s weather had on the backcountry.  It was warm island wide with about 5 degrees here in Central.  We lost a lot of snow on the windswept areas like open bogs and highpoints on roads.  However, I was still able to drive 60 km and hour across most of 9 mile bog today.  As you can see from the picture there is lots of grass in view but still pretty level and very few rocks exposed.  Although it is pretty hard in places it is not ice and it is no trouble to be breaking through enough to keep most machines cool, with powder in places.   I saw 7 or 8 caribou today….they are here for the winter now.  As for the roads and trails…..for the most part pretty good going although a bit of powder would make them perfect.   The main trails are packed hard now but it easy to find powder on the sides to cool machines.   With regard to powder play there are lots of places where you can get off the main trails and pick around the woods in powder 2 feet or more.  On the Hodges Road there is still some pretty deep snow for ditch banging.  I was sad to see all the snow had fallen from the trees in the higher country, which I expected to be covered in snow until the end of the winter.  It rarely gets warm that high even when it gets warm down here.  It won’t be long before it looks like winter wonderland again though I am sure.  So if your are looking for endless deep powder, I would suggest head to the west coast.  I am going to keep the condition rated as good for now but even 6 inches or snow will upgrade to excellent again…hopefully Tuesday by the look of it.

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