February 2nd, 2013

Today we went for a ride with the expectations of poor conditions.  For the most part we were right although we rode a fair few KMs where the going was decent.  Cornfield is a mess with the vehicles using it so we took the short cut to the Ridge Road.  Most of it was not ice but hard snow.  The open areas on the higher elevations had a lot of bare spots we had to go around.  Jay and I had some fun climbing a couple hills where the trees were close and the snow was still soft and deep enough….1.5 to 2 feet and dense.  The Ridge road was decent going and Hodges trail was OK.  These two pictures were taken up Hodges Trail.  Other than than the dead end side roads though we ran out of options pretty quick and headed back around 3:00.  If you are coming out specifically for skidooing, its no good.  If you are coming out and would be satisfied to put 40-50km on and not mind a few obstacles, well, it is OK for that.  You won’t find a full days riding here though without backtracking so take your kettle and maybe an ice auger and fishing line…you will have a good day.    As for the Gaff I don’t know but I suspect much the same.  More snow please!


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