Hodges Hills Tour (Saturday March 13th)

Had another awesome day up to the camp.  Took the Smith group from the Avalon in today.  Very cold today…about minus 20.  Lots of snow in Central still so if you are looking to squeeze another couple days riding in this is the place to go.  We should be good until into April unless we get a major mild.  The snow is quite hard so riding two up may cause some slide overheating but it wasn’t much of a problem today.  Went to the top of Hodges for a quick look but did’t stay too long as it was very cold up there.  A big pot of chili was on the menu for today and it hit the spot at the camp.  We all had a great time!  Can’t wait to take in the next group.  The Smith group booked in from Wed – Thursday but staryed all weekend too.  Before they left they booked in for rafting too.  See this summer guys!


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