Getting Better!

We didn’t get the snow that seemed to fall around us but the roads and trails are, for the most part, excellent going.  Hodges received a lot more snow that Grand Falls-Windsor but not nearly as much as Badger lake and the Gaff Topsails.  We left the Chalets last evening for a night ride and were blasting through two feet of powder and huge drifts all the way around Badger Lake area!  The closer we got to Hodges the snow was not as deep but still lots of powder and awesome riding.  Here and there there are still signs of that very disappointing wind melt we had two weeks ago but easily avoided.  The ridge road leading to the Hodges trailhead had excellent ditch banging all the way today….I had a a lot of fun diving deep into the powder and blasting out!  All around any lakes or open areas there are plenty big drifts for play.  The lakes and ponds are excellent too…get the right speed going and you hop across like a seadoo.  We still need lots more to open up all the options and to be fully care free when banging around the ditches but I must say….today was an excellent ride!  I should have taken more care in getting pictures as my sled saw great air many times today but I was having too much fun to stop for snaps.  As for the Gaff I wasn’t up there since this last snow but it has to be awesome up there now. 


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