Hodges Update

Did the Hodges loop today.  Still lots of snow in the woods but the warm wind is cutting the snow down pretty quickly on some exposed areas of the roads and open country.  Mostly out here closer to the chalets though.  There are a few places here and there where you will have to go around some bare spots in the backcountry.  My only concern at this point is losing too much snow on the open country like 9 mile bog.  It was no sweat to go across 9 Mile today but it is getting to the point where you are picking a bit to avoid bare spots.  If we lose much more we will have to stick to the roads and trails and avoid the bogs.  The areas we ride up to the Gaff have so much snow there is nothing to worry about for a while yet.  I am heading back there Sunday on a personal trip with some friends…can’t wait!  Anyone coming out this way for sledding might want to consider scratchers if the nights are cold depending on if your machine tends to overheat.   Looks like this Saturday is going to be getting cold again.  At this point we are still leaving from the chalets on sleds although it looks like not much snow….but that changes very quickly as you head in Cornfield Road and start gaining elevation.  This pic taken today was typical of what you will see on a ride around Hodges.


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