Hodges good to go, but access going fast

We just had the largest group this winter!  Everyone in all the chalets wanted to ride on tour today….18 in all.  Normally we cut it off at 8 machines but considering the conditions ect we made an exception.  The day went well but there seemed to be several mechanical issues which, tell tell you the truth almost never happens.  We discovered a bent clutch shaft on a “new used” machine and we had to ditch one machine on Twin Pond at 1700 feet elevation.  We have to get that one by tow in the morning.   As for the conditions we saw lots of great riding with lots of snow and we saw lots of poor conditions that we had to go around.  Most of the deteriorated areas were in Peace Valley.  It is almost gone to the point that I wouldn’t bother taking another tour there again.  Other than that, the Hodges trail has some holes in it in the first 500 meters or so but to an experienced rider no big deal.  Once you get past these 4 or 5 holes the trail is perfect with lots of snow.  I don’t know if I would go all the way to the tower but I am pretty sure you can….if you don’t mind a few rocks near the top.  After a meal at the Monica camp we used Boyd’s trail to get out of Peace Valley.  The trails is in good shape except for the bogs are close to bare so you have to pick your way for a bit.  Ridge Road, with a few exceptions was really good going all the way back to Cornfield Road.  All in all a great day with the exception of the mechanical issues.  I think some of the clan learned a lot about places they thought they could never go or do!  Next time they have a brook or water to cross they will know it is easier than it looks!




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