Hodges Today

Matt, the owner of Lakeside at Thorburn showed up today.  I was busy all day catching up on office work after so many days riding but it doesn’t take me much excuse for me to jump on the sled and go for a rip into Hodges so off we went.  Here at the chalets most of the snow from the last two snowfalls had melted.  Cornfield Road is getting pretty thin now for the first 2 km.  In  the hills though….a different story entirely!  Six to eight inches of powder was still on the ground once you get above the roads.  Matt and I had a ball climbing around.  I even got a few places I haven’t been before.   Matt was very impressed to say the least!  Have a look at todays pics.  Matt will no doubt be downloading the one of him in the air!  Thanks for riding with me today Matt and tell all your buddies how good the riding is out here now.  For anyone wondering we have a cancelation for this weekend for #4.  If you want to get some good hill riding in come on out!




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