Nakeah is Gone…

It is with great regret that Nakeah has passed away yesterday.  She was accidentally backed into by a car and her leg was dislocated at the hip.  Giving her age and condition the vet suggested we have her put down as her chances of recovery were poor.  It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. 

Nakeah had a great life of freedom and many adventures.  She will be sadly missed.  She will be buried overlooking the river in front of our house where she spent much of her life…at least until the chalets were built and they had a view and steak and eggs for breakfast!  Nakeah was 12 years old…good years for a larger husky.  Nanook is doing well although she is staying a little closer to us.  I think she will be fine.   

I know there are pictures of her all over the world.  I think the only way Key and Nook would have been more famous was to be movie stars!  Please feel free to post comments and pictures on our Facebook page… we would love to see them.

Paul, Joy, Jack and Heidi

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