Lot of Rain

As you all know we had a lot of rain the other day‚Ķ24 hours of pouring rain with little slack.  Bad news is we lost a lot of snow.  Good news is I passed I was in Cornfield Road yesterday and the access road at the sign is still snow covered with maybe 4 inches.  If this is covered I suspect there must be snow covered enough to get into Ridge Road.  I think once you get in there there is still some good riding but I cant say for sure.  I f I had some time on my hands I would definitely try a ride but I have been so busy building my basement before the cold arrives I haven’t had time to go in.  If anybody does head in please email so pictures and comments so I can post them on the blog.  Some more good news is there is more snow on the way early this week.  Some borderline rain but it will likely be all snow into Hodges.

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