Hodges Trail Good to Go!

January 31st, 2015

Hello all.  I had a group report today that the trail to the top of Hodges is in great shape.  I saw reports of the same from others on FB today too.  I would have been there myself but stuck in meetings today….yuck!  I think it’s a pretty safe bet that there is lots of snow on the Gaff now.  I guess the rain we received last week was snow at higher elevations.   Shaping up to be a good winter afterall!

Great Ride Today!

January 30th, 2015

Conditions are really shaping up in this area.  Had a big group out today, three families staying at the chalets for hockey (with some riding on the side).  We made it to the Monica Lake camp with ease.  There was one section of trail near Monica that had some big boulders that need more snow to pass with ease but other than that the going was excellent.  Still not enough for banging around the ditches although it looks good so be careful.  Despite the warnings on the news all the ice was excellent going too….tons of ice.  Even places where I normally see more open water are frozen.  It was snowing most of the day so we didn’t get up on the open country but a fine day on the trails for sure.  Anyone looking to go for a ride this weekend I would recommend 10 mile, Badger Lake, up around North and South Twin, Dawes Pond.  All these roads are really good riding right now.  Hopefully we will get that snow next week.  I want to get into the hills!


Good Riding on the Roads!

January 28th, 2015

Well I shouldn’t be but I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of snow that fell into Hodges.  I only had to time to scoot in about 5 km and the roads were excellent riding.  Id say we are pretty well back to where we were before before that rain storm.  Not much fell at the chalets, a little more than 3 inches.  Seems like twice that fell inside and it was dense.  If it had of been powder it would have been 10 inches.  Were were all in around the woods looking for the end of I trail I recently cut to avoid Cornfield road and lots there too.  Good ride!


Rain Rain….GO AWAY!

January 27th, 2015

Now if only the weather the other day had brought snow instead of rain….yuck!  We didn’t lose all though, but we are back to a base.  Seems like about maybe 6 to 8 inches and less in places.  Hopefully we will get the snow tonight to bring conditions back up to where we were before the rain.  Do your snow dance today…..the snow starts at 3 oclock!

Good going!

January 23rd, 2015

There is a bigger smile on my face today.  A decent storm last night took the first half day to clean up and the second half to ride.  The first half was painful!  Duties done Jack and I went went for a rip up Aspen Brook and the snow was pretty deep….considering what we had in this neck of the woods.  Cornfield road was all powder and excellent riding.  Jack, my 8 year old has nearly caught on to riding on edge now….if I can only get him to slow down!  Anyone riding in this area should do so with caution as rocks lurk below this powder still.  Fun day though and sledding again tomorrow!  If we get the storm forecasted on Tuesday we will be all set!


Current Snow Conditions

January 20th, 2015

I apologize for the late report but I was away for the better part of this month and was hearing some different reports as to the conditions.  However, I was into Hodges yesterday for a ride and can offer you accurate conditions now for this area.  The roads are pretty good but more snow is needed.  Looking at the weather network for the next week or so its on the way in small daily amounts but we need a storm.  The water bodies are excellent riding and the “not to rough” open country are passable to good.  In a nut shell, come get onto your machines and burn take advantage of what we have but stick to the beaten paths as the riding is good there.  At least we have enough for that.  As many of you know the higher country on the West Coast has tons of snow and steady belt falling!  The lower areas around Deer Lake look much the same as here at the chalets.   I wish we had that here but we will get it soon enough!  I am waiting for a report on conditions at the Gaff as I hear lots of sleds up there.  If anyone has been there please feel free to comment or email me but I have a feeling there is tons of snow.  I hope to get there this weekend…or sooner!


Meet Our 2014 Guiding Team Part 3: William “Rey” Marino

June 3rd, 2014

Rey's BioSeasons on the Exploits River: 1

Age: 34

Hometown/Country: Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador

Years Rafting Experience: 11 years

Favourite River: Pastaza River (tributary of the Amazon River)

Favourite Quote: "EL PERSEVERA ….ALCANZA” (Can anyone read Spanish?)

Favourite Music: Salsa and Merengue

Favourite Movie: "Instructions Not Included"

Top Item on Bucket List: To attend the Wimbledon Tennis Cup Final

Status: Single

Hobbies: To play soccer, go fishing, to dance (especially salsa), running, working out, watching tennis

Meet Our 2014 Guiding Team Part 2: Heidar Heidari

May 28th, 2014

Badger Chute Rafting - August 2, 2013 119_thumb[1]Seasons on the Exploits River: 1

Age: 30

Hometown/Country: Esfahan,Iran

Years Rafting Experience: 14 years whitewater kayaking and 6 years rafting

Favourite River: Zambezi River in Zambia.

Favourite Quote: "In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It Goes On." – Robert Frost

Favourite Music: Pharrell Williams – Happy

Favourite Movie: "The Notebook" and "A Separation"

Top Item on Bucket List: Travel all over the world

Status: Single

Hobbies: Tennis, playing harmonica and guitar

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May 28th, 2014

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Picture taken on June 1, 2013

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Paul Rose

Meet Our 2014 Guiding Team Part 1: Geoff Orendorff

May 22nd, 2014


Seasons on the Exploits River: 3

Age: 31

Hometown/Country: London, Ontario, Canada

Years Rafting Experience: 5

Favourite River: French River in Northern Ontario

Favourite Quote: "It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring" – Carl Sagan

Favourite Music: Anything and everything!

Favourite Movie: I have two young kids, so… the Lego Movie? (I forget what grown-up movies are like!)

Top Item on Bucket List: Travel Europe

Status: Married

Hobbies: Rock climbing, biking, camping